Welcome to the Master Guide course, an excellent junior leadership and personal development program that serves not only to train participants for leadership in Pathfindering but at all levels of youth leadership.  It is designed to help participants gain insights into the Bible, the Seventh-day Adventist Church as well as equip them with new personal, relational and leadership skills. 

We believe that it is of paramount importance that young people continue to be fully devoted followers of Jesus and foster a close relationship with Him.  The Master Guide course will also assist participants in pursuing these ideals.


This Master Guide course was launched in January 2009 as an upgraded version of its former self.

In the early eighties, the SPD Youth Department responded to some urgent needs in regards to a scarcity of junior Pathfinder staff by making some significant changes to the Master Guide course designed by the General Conference, in view of training more junior leaders. The revised version of the Master Guide course primarily focused on skills development and minimized the personal spirituality and Adventist heritage components contained in the original.

While that action taken by the Youth Department has served its purpose, it was felt that a review of the SPD Master Guide program was warranted. In the current climate where there is a great need for a new generation of leaders to be fully conversant with issues pertaining to Adventist identity, it was felt that every opportunity ought to be taken to pursue that objective.

The current Master Guide course reclaims much of the personal spirituality and Adventist Heritage aspects of the original course designed by the General Conference, while maintaining all the current skills requirements. It is our view that this upgraded course will serve to train leaders who will be well acquainted with the essence of the Gospel as well as our Church heritage.


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Graduates of the Master Guide course will receive the insignia as shown below, in recogntion of the upgraded curriculum.